By | January 2, 2019

You remember when the library used to just be about books? In fact, depending upon your age you may remember a time when you had to use the card catalog system as well as the Dewey decimal system to find the books that you needed. However, times have changed and with that the library has grown and evolved as well. This is true of the library right here in farmers branch Texas. The library offers a wide range of activities for individuals and families alike. If you have not been to the library recently, maybe it’s time to check out some of these types of activities!

If you have toddlers at home you know how easy it is for them to get into things. While you may feel compelled to simply put the TV on and let them watch, you know that is not the best thing for them. At this age, books are one of the essential tools for early learning. The farmers branch library offers top their story time which allows groups to toddler’s the chance to sit together and your stories. Not only is this a great learning tool is also an essential social skills tool which will help them later on once they begin school. This 30 minute session is filled with fun, stories, and songs that every cobbler will enjoy and every parent can relax. Contact the library today to find out when the next toddler’s story time as scheduled and be sure to join!

Knitting seems to be coming a lost art form. Which is sad. It does not seem that there are as many knitters as there once was. However, at the library they offer the knit wit club. This is the club for all genders and ages who are interested in knitting. The club welcomes knitters who are just beginning to learn the craft as well as expert knitters. If you have never knitted once in your life this is a great area to learn and get started as well as meet new friends.

And of course the library offers the latest new releases as well as classic books on their shelves. You can also find plenty of audiovisual materials such as the hottest new releases in film and television. Take the time to visit the Farmers Branch library today and see just what all they have available. If you have not been to the library in quite a while surely be surprised.